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  • Do you Like to Dance?

    Apr 21 2023

      DANCE OR DIE   Lately there's been so much going on and what better way to deal with all the stress by dancing. In case you missed it o...

  • Just Do You. . .

    Apr 05 2023

        So many people are desperate to be loved, but not many people are desperate to love themselves. Let's be real no one wants to be alon...

  • Taking Breaks Is Essential!!!!!

    Mar 29 2023

    We live in a society that promotes working until mental, physical, and spiritual exhaustion. I live in a world where taking breaks is ess...

  • Law Roach Announces Retirement

    Mar 21 2023

    On Tuesday March 14th 2023 around 11:00am Celebrity stylist law Roach shocked the internet by announcing his retirement via post on Insta...

  • Self Made Millionaire

    Feb 28 2020

    Let me tell you about the first time I ever heard of a self-made millionaire! I was in the third grade and I selected Madame C.J Walker a...