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  • It's Scorpio Season

    Nov 12 2023

      SCORPIO SCORPIO SCORPIO   Just 9 days left until our season ends. Sorry about the delay I was having too much fun and the flu tried to ...

  • Happy Libra Season!

    Sep 29 2023

    Libra season is coming in swinging!!!! Swinging to restore balance in your relationships that have been off kilter. Today September 29, 2...


    Aug 30 2023

    Lucky criminal Horoscopes HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL THE VIRGOS! Tonight there will be a FULL MOON IN PISCES which is asking for you to surren...

  • PROM 2K23

    May 31 2023

    Prom is one of those events in high school that is the highlight of your senior year. Some of us had dates, some of us went alone, either...

  • Do you Like to Dance?

    Apr 21 2023

      DANCE OR DIE   Lately there's been so much going on and what better way to deal with all the stress by dancing. In case you missed it o...