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Be Tough in a Skirt

Posted on January 29 2019

Be Tough in a Skirt


"It's good to be bad"

Growing up I have always been in touch with my masculine side. Don’t get me wrong I love being a woman and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world but growing up there were so many images and reminders that women are weak. But women keep proving that these notions about being weak are indeed false af! As a little girl I always looked up to my older brother and wanted to do everything he did, so being boyish was super fun. I wanted to be bad I wanted to be bold. I wanted to be a leader and be unique in everything that I decided to do.

"I had to be tough because the boys around me didn’t cry."

Photos by Steffanie Marie

When it came to hanging out with cousins and siblings I was always with the boys. Most of my cousins in my age range were boys, so go figure. Weekends in the 90's used to be epic!!!! My uncle used to pick us up in his silver van that shot fire balls (to this day I am still trying to figure that out) and take us on some adventures that made my childhood lit af! One thing I learned very quickly was that I had to be tough because the boys around me didn’t cry. But when they did you better believe it was because they were in trouble. One boy I remember crying often was my brother. He always cried at restaurants when his food fell apart (Sorry Tony). LOL! I swear it used it be the funniest thing ever. I knew from a young age that I didn’t want to be a damsel in distress or be in a position where I couldn't stand up for myself against men or women.

So I fell in love with images of women like Aaliyah, Pink, Missy Elliot, Eve, Naomi Campbell, The Spice Girls, Blaque, Gabrille Union, Ashanti, and so many more this list could go on forever. I knew that I was different and that I didn’t want to wear pink. I knew that I liked action, guns, fast cars, and motorcycles so at a very young age my aesthetics were already in the making. I think it's important for young women to see images of other women that aren't hyper-sexual. Its cool to be sexy but lets be real I have nieces that I wouldn't want to see looking at some of the pictures floating around online these days.

Also a special thanks to my mom for having such a gentle spirit but a do no harm take no shit attitude. I think all of her tomboy-ness fell on me and I own it like it’s a new Mercedes off the lot. The word is woman or brother be who you are. Own your personality own your look own your flaws love yourself where you are but do everything it takes to get to the next level. So if you are a lady be tough in a skirt and BALL HARD.

Be a badass always Your favorite homegirl,

Tasleem Lee



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