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Taking Breaks Is Essential!!!!!

Posted on March 29 2023

Taking Breaks Is Essential!!!!!

We live in a society that promotes working until mental, physical, and spiritual exhaustion. I live in a world where taking breaks is essential and necessary for my art practice to thrive. There are times where I am constantly creating and times where I need to regain my focus and strength, so I retreat from creating. I go out in nature, do things that make me happy, chill with friends, or just sleep. The best thing you can do when your uninspired is tune out the noise that could be blocking your creativity and turn off all distractions. 

This is my love note to you reminding you that rest is essential in the art process. If there are deadlines that you have given yourself meet those deadlines and when they are complete take time to rejuvenate and celebrate being consistent. No one is meant to constantly output art all the time. You can't pour from an empty cup! Remember that. Take my advice and take a break if necessary and come back when you're ready to show everything that you've been creating behind the scenes.

Our lives are now partially lived and exhibited online and my advice is that you learn how to balance both worlds so you don't lose your grip. The internet and social media is causing us to move at an unnatural pace and it adds an unrealistic pressure to keep up. Just keep up with yourself!!!!!! Your only competition is you! There's no one who can do what you do quite like you. Use your uniqueness to make your mark and create something that you're proud of. A lot of things these days is here today and gone tomorrow. Create something that can last. Take some time to think about why you are or are not resting and make those changes .




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