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Don't let Negativity phase You!

Posted on June 14 2019

Don't let Negativity phase You!

I'm usually a superrrrrrrrr private person. I mind my business and don't like everyone to be in mine. As I've matured I realized that there is so much power in a testimony. You never know how your experiences in life can help someone else when they are at a low.

The past couple months I've been staying away from social media as much as I can, writing affirmations, making my goals (written on paper) become reality, and doing my best to stay away from negative people. No matter what you do or how much you plan, life can create situations that you don't see coming. AKA life came at me fast this week. Through all these trials and tribulations I know that its meant to make me stronger, wiser, and more compassionate. But I say this not to excuse the negative behavior of others or yourself but to remind you that everyone ain't meant to be in your life or in your circle. You deserve peace, love, joy and whatever bliss you want to experience.

Sometimes we can't help who we attract, but we can help who we choose to entertain and allow in the space of your heart, mind, and spirit. Some people see so much good and light in you that they make it their life purpose to bring you down to the depths of darkness. Do not stoop to their level, you don't have to let those words shape you or mold you into a being that you are not. You are a being of light, love, power and purpose make sure you walk in that today. Put those heels on sneakers whatever you wearing and know that you are 100% dat bitch!!!! I had to get hood on yall real quick lol! Well time for me to sign off, I hope you have a prosperous day that you save your energy for those who deserve it.



P.S. To everyone who has tried to bring you down let them know, "I'm still standing".


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