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It's Scorpio Season

Posted on November 12 2023

It's Scorpio Season




Just 9 days left until our season ends. Sorry about the delay I was having too much fun and the flu tried to catch me so I had to show her who I was. So without further adieu lets talk about Scorpios and only Scorpios!

Scorpio Happy Birthday! You need to celebrate a whole month okay! They don't celebrate us enough so make sure you go the extra mile this time.

Dates: 10-23-11-21 

Ruled by: Mars and Pluto

Quality: FIXED

Most compatible with: Pisces, Cancer , Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus , Aires 

Element :Water 💧 

Characteristics: loyal, determined, deep, emotional, vengeful, mysterious, magnetic, forceful, passionate, persistent, independent, powerful,


They love October because Scorpios were born. Scorpios are always breaking the rules and finding ways to rebirth and rebuild themselves. Often many rebirths occur for scorpios more often than they would like but being the sign of transformation its just apart of who we are and how we are built. One of the most extremely intense and passionate signs some scorpios can get mistaken for fire signs because of our fire energy. If you are afraid of depth, intensity, and real passion then a Scorpio is not for you. Stay away from them if you are not ready to meet yourself on a deeper level. They do not do surface connections or anything that is fake. In fact we enjoy calling people out on their BS like it's a sport. Scorpios are human lie detectors so if someone has been lying or untrue leave it to scorpio to figure out the real story.

Scorpio ♏️ 

Often the most misunderstood sign in the zodiac. Some people might say she’s a witch. Others might say she’s an alchemist or magician. Maybe it's a bit of both . . . We will leave that open to interpretation. Scorpios have often been dealt a hand of unfavorable cards which can leave them confused or empowered to take what they have been given and transform it. Scorpios have by default become resourceful and masters at taking the worst circumstances and turning it into something remarkable. 


The definition of when life gives you lemons make lemonade. My Dear scorpio don't let them see you sweat. You can overcome any and everything that is stacked against you.


Scorpios get a bad rap for being vengeful and vindictive but often they are experiencing and feeling pain inflicted on them in a deep way that causes parts of them to die. You'd be a bit on edge too if you were constantly in a state of rebirth all the time.


Scorpios rule Sex, death, and transformation! We rule the genitals which is why scorpios are often called sexual deviants. Well take it however you want but Scorpios exude sexuality without even trying to come off too strong. This part of the body is also the life giving creative force which if used properly scorpio can create the life of their dreams. My advice to scorpio is to transmute their secual energy into their dream life instead of wasting it on losers who are undeserving. In this season Scorpio you need to get back all the love that you are putting out. If those friends, family, or lovers are not reciprocating then it is time for you to pack it up and bring it back home to yourself. We have a lot of love to give and too often it is not given back. So make sure they are showing you the same love that you give and if they refuse get new people who match your energy.


Until next time my fellow scorpions!!!! Enjoy your season! Much love to you all.



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