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Happy Libra Season!

Posted on September 29 2023

Happy Libra Season!

Libra season is coming in swinging!!!! Swinging to restore balance in your relationships that have been off kilter. Today September 29, 2023 there is a full moon in Aries which is coming to bring balance to our relationships with others and the relationship we have with ourselves. Aires is ruled by Mars which is forcing us to take action on anything that may not be serving us which could be dead end relationships, jobs, bad habits, places, and friendships.


Libra is a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus, and can often be blinded by its ruling planet when they see their love interests potential and not the reality of the person. Don’t let Venus get the best of you this season. It’s getting colder so you know that cuffing season is here. Don’t be getting into anything that is not fully giving you what you want. Being single will serve you best because what is for you will not pass you by. Don't settle for a half ass lover Libra and don't short change yourself.


Libra’s rule the scales ⚖️ (justice). Aka they are rulers of judgement


Libra’s love to self indulge and love luxury. This season is calling for a lot of self care, time with people who actually show you love, luxury experiences (spa, massages, etc ), and an assessment of the relationships in your life.


Libras bring balance to themselves and others when they are in a relationship. Very often they feel unbalanced when they are not in a relationship. It's time to balance your own scales. You can't fix your lover even if you tried. Let your person do their own work and offer your support and love when you feel its necessary. Also stop giving everyone the benefit of the doubt! See things as they are and take the rose colored glasses off okay.


Libra’s are here to bring balance, justice, and peace. But first you must bring balance to yourself. They are the peacemakers of the zodiac but they need to restore peace in their own life first! Make sure your scales are balanced and stop overthinking.


Happy Birthday Libra's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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