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Posted on August 30 2023


Lucky criminal Horoscopes


Tonight there will be a FULL MOON IN PISCES which is asking for you to surrender to divine timing. Some things come to an end to be replaced with something better. Trust that endings in your life have a certain unexplainable magic. Life doesn't always go according to our plans so leave room for unexpected miracles. Allow life to flow in a natural way and do not force anything. Happy Full Moon.


 Virgo ♍️. Watch what you eat it’s effecting your health. Controlling others gives you diarrhea. Everything doesn't always have to be perfect you know. Being hard on yourself and others does more harm than good. Also Happy Birthday.


Libra ♎️ : Don’t let a soul throw you off balance. Keep your inner peace protected. 


Scorpio ♏️ : Stop allowing lovers to give you crumbs. He/She/They/Them knows that you deserve the world so act like it. Enforce your boundaries.


Sagittarius: Stop avoiding the love you know you deserve. Stop avoiding your responsibilities. Your escapism leads you nowhere.


Capricorn ♑️: you deserve a vacation. You can always get more money 💰. You are your best investment.


Aquarius ♒️ : You are the one not the two. You got it babe.  Hold your vision it was given to you for a reason. Unleash your gifts so we can admire you.


Pisces ♓️ : Stop distracting yourself by being around too many people. Use some discernment when you interact with people. You are absorbing too much from others and it’s clouding your mind. 


Aries ♈️ : Your impulses often get the best of you, stop and think. Not everything deserves a reaction.


Taurus ♉️. Stay grounded in nature. That is where your energy gets recharged. Go for a walk in nature and just be still or stick your toes in the sand. Do not let a soul disturb your peace.


Gemini ♊️ . Only give to those you know are ready to receive. Not everyone has your level of intelligence and can comprehend how complex your thoughts are.


Cancer ♋️. You feel things that are unexplainable so validate your own emotions babe. Not everyone can feel the way that you do.


Leo ♌️. When you shine you make room for others to shine as well. If they can’t handle your light go elsewhere or tell them to put some sunglasses on.


Wishing you all a great Virgo Season.

From the westside with love!!!!!!! 



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