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Auntie got her Groove Back

Posted on January 10 2020

Auntie got her Groove Back

I finally understand that some things are better if they are rebuilt. The foundation is stronger, and the new structure gives opportunity for good to flourish. Being super private about my life this is something that gives me both anxiety and strength to address. Last year this time I was in an unhealthy relationship. It took so much of my time and energy. I felt brokenness, misunderstood, and confused. Now that I am single I have peace, a clear mind, and joy. I hope if your reading this and your in a toxic relationship you find the courage and strength to leave. Your actual life depends on it. I’ve gotten to the place where I know that in order for me to be able to help and heal others I had to understand what it felt like to be confused, hopeless, broken, and abused. If you are in a toxic relationship I hope that you get help or counseling before things get out of control.

Some people never change and no matter how hard you love them they could care less to be a better man or woman.

Wishing all you bosses and future bosses prosperity, true love, and joy this year. Go get what you deserve and go make something happen !!!! Love you all.



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