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Learn how to Create Your Own Collection

Posted on May 16 2024

Learn how to Create Your Own Collection

It takes a lot of time and energy to create a cohesive collection. But it's something that anyone who has an interest in fashion can do. I created a guide book to help you figure out how to achieve your dream of having your own collection whether you use it for your business or just art that you want to have on your wall for yourself. Below are sample images of a digital workbook I created to help you navigate your creative journey. 




You don't really have to be an expert or have all the rules to make something cool. You just need a few steps and a great concept.



When you are designing it's important to have many references that you can use to generate thoughts that will lead to a great concept. I like to use art, architecture, nature, and historical imagery.




If you want to get the full scope get a copy of the workbook. This digital workbook will be available online Sunday May 19, 2024 at 9am. Get a copy emailed to you and get to work on your next collection.







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