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Posted on July 05 2024


Hey Friends,

Today I'm going to tell you a litlle bit about each model that walked in the Fashion show cause they are actually real people doing real things in real life. Let's get into it. This is their story in their own words! In case you missed the video it is also here for you to watch!




Artist Name (RickJacob)
Singer, Songwriter,Actor,Dancer, and Spiritualist
26 year old Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon Artist, exploring all the mediums I can! Life is a gift of expression I'd like to use mines to it fullest. In doing so, I hope to connect people all over the world. Check out my first Single Highs Are higher! I'm just getting started so be on the look out for art in every form. . .
Check out his music here: 

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🌿 Lloren Llovera  
✨ Multidisciplinary Model | Artist | Alchemist | Activist  
🌱 Owner & Intuitive Herbalist @LeTroisApothecary

Lloren Llovera is a multidisciplinary model, artist, alchemist, apothekare, and activist based in Los Angeles. As the owner and intuitive herbalist of Lé Trois Apothecary, Lloren is dedicated to decolonizing wellness and promoting wellness autonomy. Their holistic approach empowers individuals to reclaim their health through natural and intuitive practices, blending traditional herbalism with innovative wellness strategies. Through Lé Trois Apothecary, Lloren continues to inspire and educate communities on the power of self-care and nature.


Lé Trois Apothecary
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My name is Jenalta Mccullum, I’m a 30 year old graffiti artist and some times model.
Being a double Taurus I have a thousand hobbies that I work on all at once, but drawing and being a plant mom are my favorites, I’m working on a comic called space babes where a group of different species are working to bring the whole universe together while they all have their own side stories, with the caption being the only one of her kind and learning the truth about why the “space babes” was really created. 
If I’m not drawing or taking care of my green kids, I am walking my dog, doing a different version of gardening and being a house wife. 
Tasleem show is the very first fashion show I have ver walked in and it was amazing to experience,working with other black creators has always been a goal and I’m so grateful to start with Tasleem.



A Long Beach, California native who loves to travel, go to concerts/festivals, and unwind at the gym. An introverted Scorpio at heart, who also loves nerdy things, horror, getting lost in a good book, binging tv shows and movies, and writing. Currently working on a project, so if you love a good book be on the lookout! 
Get to know me on Twitter and TikTok: @theycallher_tae


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Kay Jay

Aries Sun

Kay J is a dynamic and multifaceted artist known for seamlessly blending the worlds of modeling, acting, DJing, and music production. With an innate ability to captivate audiences across diverse mediums, Kay J’s career is a testament to creativity, versatility, and relentless passion.

Originally from Atlanta also lived in New Orleans for a awhile a now Los Angeles for the past 8 years.

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