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Design Your Own Collection Digital Workbook- Male Version

$21.99 USD

Have you always wanted to be a designer and can't figure out how to start or how to conceptualize your ideas?

Well your in luck because we did the work for you. This fashion workbook is printable for you to use at home or on a computer to design your next fashion collection. Whether you use it for business or for yourself you should have tangible ideas when you reach the end of this digital workbook.

This template is a guide to developing your next collection. You will be able to use this as a template or simply a reference to create a nice layout for your designs and keep all your ideas organized in one place.

*This is a link to a PDF file that can be used in Adobe Illustrator to create your next line or any project you're working on.

*A link will be provided for you to download the file once your purchase is complete.